Vegetarian in the kitchen…

Part 2 of an ongoing series…                                                                    Part 1 here…

Which, really, is pretty much the same as anyone else in the kitchen, but without animal and fish bits. Basically, about equipment…

There was a time when I would have eschewed all electrical equipment in a domestic kitchen, with the possible exception of a blender, and maybe not even that.

Buy good knives, keep them sharp, and they’ll do pretty much everything you need (with the addition of a Rex peeler). As some knives are pretty much specific to meat or fish prep (boning knives, for example, or a razor-sharp carver for slicing liver (Sainsbury’s please note, and stop hacking the bloody stuff!), or actually carving; or filleting/skinning knives for fish), a veggie can get by with Continue reading

More thoughts on veggie ingredients…

As I said in this post, I’d ordered a bunch of veggie staples online. They’ve all been delivered now, so let’s have a look at them. My comments in bold.

The first batch were ordered from Just Ingredients (formerly Spiceworld). I subsequently discovered that they don’t process orders until six days have elapsed – no explanation given. They also say you can’t cancel without their permission in writing, which is a clear breach of the Distance Selling Regulations, which state that you have 7 days to cancel, for any reason or for none. You certainly don’t need permission. I got Continue reading

Is vegetarianism being pushed to the fringes again?

And other veggie thoughts suitable for newbies and returnees… Links, where appropriate, are  given at the end.


Well, I reckon my newly-regained vegetarianism is going to stick – were I going to lapse, on past performance I would have done so by now.

True, I did, this morning, buy 4 packs of fishcakes, simply because there are times when I’m too ill to do anything more complicated that toss something in a frying pan for a few minutes. Few veggie products that are amenable to this treatment are worth eating, and often high in fat too. Anyway, given how little fish there is in them, the buggers are damn near veggie anyway!

Tonight, though, I’ll be having rice and peas with a marinated Quorn fillet (recipe posted a couple of days ago), fried til the outside is crisp, then thinly sliced on the diagonal.

There’s a bit of a problem, though. Of late Continue reading

Vegetarianism Revisited – again!

Well, I’m into my second week as a re-energised veggie, and I haven’t lapsed yet! And that really is something of a record for me as, although I was a veggie for the better part of 20 years, and fully committed, my attempts at a return to vegetarianism have all failed within days.

This time, though, motivated by the most repellent of battered, fried fish (tasteless hoki – presumably – and not the cod I was expecting; hoki looks as good as cod, but tastes of as close to nothing as is possible,** and the bloody stuff is everywhere), tipped the balance big-time.

**There are ways around this, but no-one seems to care.

Plus – and this should make a big difference Continue reading

Vegetarianism – its own worst enemy?

I was a vegetarian for maybe 15 years (still am for short spells), and then, as now, one question annoyed and baffled me in almost equal measure. Why are veggies – not all, admittedly, but way too many – such tedious, proselytising buggers? Especially in the Observer Food Monthly this weekend.

And, while they resent being tagged as “herbivores”, and quite rightly, why is it they have no hesitation, when it comes to branding meat-eaters as Continue reading

Some thoughts on vegetarian food…

Tony Naylor, discussing vegetarian restaurants in the Guardian disparages meat analogues (fair enough, they are mostly crap), then spoils it all by opining that veggies should refrain from making “pointless mimic pies”. Sorry, mate, you’re way off beam there.

I was a veggie for about 12-15 years (hard to be precise as it fizzled out rather than stopped dead), and I’ve made some cracking pies in my time. There’s no Continue reading