Have Microsoft lost the plot?

I don’t know if the assorted tossers and retards on the UK Windows 7 TV ads are an international phenomenon, or aimed purely at the UK. Either way, they are an insult to pretty much anyone’s intelligence.

I’ve had a copy of Windows 7 sitting on my desk for weeks now, and I’m seriously losing the will to upgrade because I have absolutely no desire to be associated, in any way whatsoever – even if only I know – with this bunch of losers.

All of whom apparently think they’re computers – “I’m a PC and I’m a – twat!”

All these ads say to me is that Continue reading

More Windows 7 thoughts…

According to PC World’s TV ad, Windows 7 makes laptop batteries last longer. That’s probably perfectly true – as long as you’re not actually doing anything with your laptop.

In my experience, what you do while on battery power governs how long it lasts – more than any other factor. Word-crunching Continue reading