Bottom of the Fridge Soup Part 297…

I’ve just broken my own rules, and eaten a bowl of freshly-made soup. It was amazingly good – this is the (vegetarian), recipe.

When I was hauled off to hospital last week, I’d just filled the fridge with fresh veg. Given that my shortest stay last year was10 days, I had visions of coming home to a fridge full of brown mush.

Actually, these giant “American” fridges keep veg in remarkably good condition though, flying in the face of received wisdom, the veg does have to be over-bagged and tightly sealed or the circulating frigid air has a desiccating effect on it, and I hadn’t done it.

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Ron’s Hummus Recipe…



This differs in a few ways from “classic” recipes, the idea being to make it fine-tunable, because not everyone likes the strident, commercial, versions. I certainly don’t, anyway. This is very easily tweaked to suit individual tastes.

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A slow cooker that might actually get used…

A slow cooker should be a Spoonie’s best friend, especially as many Spoonies are on benefits and need to economise – they’re cheap to run** (and can be cheap to buy if you shop around***). However, they have a major design fault – they’re heavy buggers!

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