Addendum to I have a new project – food dehydration…

There’s one gadget I also need to make this dehydrated food project a reality – a vacuum sealer. Basically a simple device, it welds a bag from flat plastic tubing, sucks out the air, and seals it. The problem is – and has been for years – getting an affordable one that actually works.

A few years ago when I was making my own sausages – and I’d love to be able to again – I bought one but the seals it created were rubbish so it was consigned to the wasteland under the sink.

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I have a new project – food dehydration…

For many years I’ve used dehydrated vegetables. Initially in pre-prepared meals (by me), for backpacking trips, before it dawned on me that carrying money was a better option, especially in the UK, but in recent years in the kitchen. I also used them to make vegetable powders, very useful for adding flavour to almost anything.

Then my supplier was taken over by another company, and quality plummeted.

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Clumsy PC-users’ coffee mug…

One of the things which adds nuisance value to my life is slopping a cup of coffee all over my keyboard. Not a disaster – it’s spill-proof – but still a mess to clean up.

Thing is, I have a workstation, rather than a desk, and tend to put my coffee mug in front of me on the monitor shelf – all too easy to snag the handle when reaching for something among the inevitable clutter (I keep my early-day drugs there – the ones I take at various times between the batch I take while in bed at 06.00, and the midday batch – and it’s these that cause the problem.

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Back to photography, and more hospital kit…

Note 1: I wrote this at the weekend but too tired and sick to update the chronology today. It mostly still makes sense.

Note 2: This is for the jerks who always pop up whenever I moan about Amazon to tell me how unreasonable I am. I am paying for a premium service – paying twice for it, in fact, as you’ll see if you can be bothered to read on. I do, therefore, bloody well expect to receive a premium service. And I’m not, which entitles me to complain.  Are we clear on that point?


Now on with the show…

I’m still adding to my photography outfit. As I said previously, I have two digital cameras in use (Olympus E-420 DSLR and Canon SX30 IS bridge camera with a huge 24-840mm zoom lens), the former for more structured outings, the latter more convenient for a fast hit and run, but I forgot to mention my new camcorder. And all of these are in their own individual bags/cases. That was fine when I could drive, or was driven, as some could be left in the car until needed, but not any longer, it’s just too much to carry, especially on my powerchair. Continue reading

A tweak to my profiling bed…

Check out this post first.

My profiling bed has proven invaluable in the past for getting a good night’s sleep (not so much now, but I’m hoping that will pass), and also for enabling me to sleep – or at least rest these days – without pain. And to elevate my legs to encourage the fluid to drain.

One thing it hasn’t changed is my aversion to the dark. Without light I become extremely disorientated, a problem that first made its presence felt about 4 years ago and is showing no signs of going away. So I have a nightlight, an 8W mini fluorescent bulb in a table lamp on a chest of drawers behind the head of the bed and to one side. Continue reading

Making vegetarian sausages 2…

This is the final, revised, version of the recipe.

It’s been my ambition, for a long time, to make a veggie sausage that is actually worth eating. As regular readers will know, I was a veggie for  the better part of 20 years, lapsing gradually over a period between the turn of the century and 2005 (though my diet remained veggie to a substantial degree, and still does), and commercially-produced veggie sausages were then, and still are, dog food. I’m damn sure I can do better.

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A slow cooker that might actually get used…

A slow cooker should be a Spoonie’s best friend, especially as many Spoonies are on benefits and need to economise – they’re cheap to run** (and can be cheap to buy if you shop around***). However, they have a major design fault – they’re heavy buggers!

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I am beset by inept morons, and severely pissed off!

Warning: Sweary! I’m goddamned furious!

On Wednesday I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 from Amazon, who couldn’t be bothered telling me that they had no stock in the UK and it was coming from Germany. Which, when I found out, posed a couple of questions, like why didn’t they tell me and would it be UK-compatible? (Potential voltage problems for a start.) So I cancelled it, not least because the original Thursday delivery had been stretched to Monday.

I then ordered one from Ebuyer, for delivery today. One snag Continue reading