Flu vaccine far less effective than claimed…

As regular readers may know, although I’m in a very high risk group, I have no fondness for the flu vaccine, as most years it causes more problems than would having the sodding flu (ME/CFS and the flu vaccine are a very bad mix), nor have I ever been entirely convinced of its usefulness. This year, with my heart problems ramping up the risk to even higher levels, I was seriously considering having the flu vaccine.

Then, in Pulse Today (log-in or sign-up may be required), this appeared this morning:- Continue reading

Annual flu vaccine information…

Interesting to see that the NHS is still circulating the same lies about the annual flu vaccines that it did last year, to whit, that the H1N1 virus caused the swine flu outbreak – no, it bloody didn’t.

The swine flu virus was a composite, and novel, virus, hence the need to develop a vaccine for it pretty much on the fly, and we all know how well that worked out (ignoring the lunatic fringe, it was clear the swine flu vaccine carried a higher risk of adverse reactions than the normal one; substantially higher in some areas). The H1N1 human type A virus was merely a Continue reading

Flu “surge”…

First, a brief note about the lack of a seasonal message this year – I was just too ill. Profoundly depressed too and, between the two, not a little surprised to still be here.That’s why this post is a little delayed – it was so badly written I’ve just had to rewrite the entire thing. It’s not particularly time-sensitive, though.

Right, on with the show:-

Flu surge alarms doctors as virus hits children shrieks the Guardian, and doubtless other media too. What does that mean in reality? 27 deaths.

OK, if you, or a loved one, are one of the 27 it’s still too many, but it sure as hell isn’t any cause for media hysteria. People die from flu (well, more often than not from Continue reading

The annual flu vaccine – is it worth it?

There is a lot of rubbish written about the flu vaccine, both seasonal and pandemic. Here’s some (sorry, you have to sign up to read it**), alleging that influenza is really a vitamin D deficiency disease. Really, you couldn’t make this shit up. Flu – of whichever variety – is a viral infection. Rickets is a vitamin D deficiency disease – big bloody difference.

** If you don’t want to sign up, or wade through it, what it says is this:-

One credible hypothesis that explains the seasonal nature of flu is that influenza is a vitamin D deficiency disease.

One hypothesis, though, is a Continue reading

Swine-flu vaccination…

Tomorrow morning, with considerable reservations, I shall be going for my swine flu vaccination.

Reservations, because I have no idea how I will react to it (I reacted very badly to the pneumonia vaccine, back in June), and because I’m not convinced that, right now, it’s necessary, given the level of swine flu infections, which seem to be diminishing.

However, that might change Continue reading