Nurses and Hygiene – and brutality…

As I said a few days ago, in this post, I intended to take issue with the nurses – especially the staff nurse – over their iffy hygiene. So, on Monday, I did.

There were actually two problems, one hygiene-related and this one, which is just dumb.

By early evening, last Friday, the dressing that had been changed in the morning was causing so much pain I had to remove it. The problem was that the Aquacel pad had been folded as it was too big and no-one had any sterile scissors. Why nurses would be without sterile scissors, or  why they couldn’t have done Continue reading

Negotiating with the nurses – a farrago of lies and bullshit…

Well, the nurses, and their manager, have been, and I got what I wanted, but only by dint of actually snarling at the buggers, as I could see the dressings I need slipping away from me.

But I finally, got their agreement – and they also confirmed that the hospital had been in touch, when I was discharged in November to tell them that the treatment they had instigated, with Aquacel Ag (silver-impregnated), dressings, had to be continued. The staff nurses and the auxiliaries had previously lied their arses off denying any contact from APH about my treatment.

But when I really lost it was when Continue reading