The tale of a cardiologist, who is content to put my life at risk…

The cardiologist in question is Dr. Nick Newall, based at Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral. So far, in all I’ve written, I’ve kept his name out of it – I no longer think that he deserves such consideration, as he clearly gives me none.

I know many of you will be familiar with much of what follows, but bear with me for the sake of those who don’t.

After my appointment in January, I Continue reading

Gross Medical Negligence – is it widespread or is it just me?

I do know the answer, but putting it like that leaves scope for people to post their own experiences in Comments. Please don’t be libellous!


I’m dying. Yes, I know, we all are but, statistically, I’ll be doing well to see 2013. In fact, the way I feel right now, I’ll be doing well to see the summer.

Last week, I made the first ever progress in the treatment of my terminal heart condition. It won’t change the outcome but, with care, I’ll feel a hell of a lot better while I’m getting there and, after the last few months, that’s worth a lot.

No medical personnel were involved in this at any level.

I finally worked out that what was wrong with me, at least in part, was Continue reading

My letter to my cardiologist, who seems to be leaving me to die…

And, dear god, am I getting sick and tired of writing letters, trying to stir the useless bastards of the medical profession into action, before they kill me through neglect.

I last wrote to this guy, who I’d initially tagged as one of the good guys, on March 14, explaining that if he wanted me to attend for tests, or anything else, that I had only a very narrow window of activity on a good day – I simply cannot be at the beck and call of the appointments office, that’s never going to work. But at much greater length, in much more detail, and more polite!

Result, total silence for 6 weeks. That, when I have a condition which is going to kill me sooner rather than later, simply is not fucking acceptable.

So I’m sending this tonight or tomorrow night** – or whenever I Continue reading

Not all of it was wonderful – 63 years living, and dying, with the NHS…

When the chips were down, and things got serious, it’s fair to say that very little was wonderful or even acceptable, and I see no reason to suppose that my experiences are unique, or even particularly unusual.

I keep reading, in newspapers, and online, that NHS cuts will affect women, or children, or babies, or old people. Enough! Can we simply agree that NHS cuts have the potential to fuck up everyone’s life at some point? Singling out groups of people is divisive – we are all at risk.

And it’s important not to forget, despite the sheer number of NHS cheerleaders, that in many areas, the pre-cuts NHS was, in fact, seriously defective. It needs an overhaul, I think many people will accept that, but that doesn’t mean I agree with the total fuck-up that currently happening. I most certainly don’t.

I have, since the age of 4, spent my life in a close relationship with the NHS – they’ve pretty much kept me alive since 1948. Until Continue reading