Volumatic Spacer…

If, like me, you have a Volumatic spacer device for use with your asthma/COPD inhalers (and if you don’t you should have – they’re very much more effective than the inhalers alone), you might find, also like me, it tends to fall on the floor rather a lot.

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Parlick Fell Sheep’s Milk Cheese – a Cautionary Tale.

Last night, around 02.45, having gone to bed hungry, I woke up ravenous, so got up for a snack. All I had that wasn’t in the freezer were eggs and cheese, so as I had no intention of cooking at that hour, I had a 150g portion of Parlick Fell, about a third of which went back in the fridge – just as well, as I might not, otherwise, be here to tell the tale.

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A little knowledge really is a dangerous thing…

This is dangerous: Half Of A Drug’s Power Comes From Thinking It Will Work

I’m certain I’ve commented on this, or something extremely similar, a couple of years ago.** see footnote I felt it was dangerous then, and my opinion hasn’t changed.

Which is to say that this research, might well be perfectly valid as it relates specifically to migraine, which is notoriously difficult to treat and, to the best of my knowledge, doesn’t even have a specific cause, but it cannot be safely Continue reading

Asthma inhalers and prostate cancer – don’t panic…

If you have asthma, and use inhalers, the Daily Mail screams at you that “Asthma inhalers increase the risk of prostate cancer,” claiming that inhalers jack up your risk by 25%.

Then, for added entertainment value, there’s the idiot woman, in the article’s comments, who claims fish-oil will fix your asthma, instead of inhalers, or the equally crackpot guy who claims Continue reading

Is Salbutamol dangerous?

An item from my search-engine slush-pile “Salbutamol dangerous”.

Assuming there’s a missing question mark, then no, it isn’t. Most people use the aerosol inhaler, and in this form it’s almost impossible to o-d on the stuff (respiratory consultant’s opinion, not mine). Not totally, but you have to make a serious and deliberate attempt to harm yourself for it to actually o-d..

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Generic Salbutamol – some thoughts…

I forgot to cover, when I wrote the post about why Ventolin might not be effective, the question of generic Salbutamol.

This, of course, is NOT Ventolin, and from long experience of the stuff, I can tell you with absolute certainty that IT IS NOT AS GOOD AS VENTOLIN. I don’t care what NICE claim – it simply is not as effective.

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Why does Ventolin never help me?

That’s a question from my search-engine list. First of all, a little information. Ventolin, the brand name of the Salbutamol inhaler, is the gold standard for inhalers. It is used in hospitals for spirometry testing, and for the more complex Pulmonary Function Laboratory tests.

The way to tell if Ventolin really isn’t helping is to get your doctor to run a spirometry test before and after using your inhaler, bearing in mind that you need to wait 20 minutes after taking it, or use your own peak flow meter.

There are several reasons why Ventolin may not help, not the least being misdiagnosis of asthma.

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One dose of Ventolin does nothing – shock report!

In a mind-boggling outbreak of cobblers, Professor Somnath Mukhopadhyay, from Brighton and Professor Colin Palmer, from Edinburgh, have announced that one in ten children have a gene that prevents Salbutamol (Ventolin), acting when taken once a day.

Once a day? Ffs, one dose a day will do bugger all for anyone.

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