Fracking v the people – who gets the water?

Unless I fell asleep and missed it – not impossible right now with my drug load – I don’t recall any dire warnings of hose-pipe bans during the heat-wave. In fact, on this web page, the water companies lay out their plans for any possible bans this year – there aren’t any. Given how keen they’ve been in the past to impose bans, I find the claim that this weather would have to Continue reading

Camels get the hump…

Sorry. . .

Anyway, in Australia, over 6,000 wild camels, in a herd that increases pretty much daily, have laid siege to the town of Docker River, in the Northern Territory. They’ve trapped people in their homes for days on end, damaged property and water tanks, demolished fences, stripped the local vegetation, both wild and cultivated, and died in numbers sufficient to pollute the water supply. Ironic, as all this trouble is caused by the camels’ quest for water.

They have also occupied the local airfield, apparently preventing the medical evacuation of patients.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why they don’t just drink in the river Continue reading