How to make soya mince edible…

Note: This is based on Beanfeast, Bolognese flavour. I doubt that there is anything can be done to redeem the generic soya mince and chunks available from health food shops. Except maybe a packet of firelighters and a box of matches. Sad smile


First of all, never lose sight of the fact that the first use of textured soya protein was as insulation in the doors and body of very early Ford cars. It was never intended as people-food!

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Hill-walking with major predators…

This, a plan to introduce bears and wolves to the Scottish Highlands, is insanity on a grand scale. Dangerous insanity, too, in an area immensely popular with climbers, walkers, peak-baggers and backpackers. Mountain-bikers too, I suppose. These are not simply, as he views them, “large mammals”, but major predators, each at the top of its respective food chain. They are not to be treated lightly.

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