Formula 1 and Sky – how dumb does Ecclestone think we are?

I do wonder at Bernie Ecclestone’s ability count and to reason, if it comes to that. Or maybe he simply holds us all in utter contempt and thinks he can get away with the most egregious bullshit – that would be more likely, I think.

Threatening to end the rump of Fi coverage that is still available on the BBC (Guardian), he says:- Continue reading

The BBC has gone over to the dark side…

Earlier this year I thought that the BBC was failing to cover marches and demos because they were in fear of antagonising the government, DG Mark Thompson being such a goddamned pussy.

Then things changed somewhat, as the Beeb began to report on trouble around the fringes of events, while touting them as main-event activity, a technique known technically as lying or, as it’s sometimes known, making shit up. Sky, too, did this. Coincidence?

Fast forward to now, and we’ve had Continue reading

The Daily Mail hates the BBC – again…

The Daily Mail is really getting its bloomers in a twist over the BBC’s coverage of election night, which I didn’t see but by all accounts it was pretty naff – they hired a luxury cruiser moored on the Thames, invited loads of  Z-list celebs to pontificate, and pushed out the, erm, boat on the booze and food front.

I do think the Continue reading