Access problems…

Are you having problems accessing any of my posts?

There is something weird going on and I’m trying to figure it out, so if you are having difficulties with Ron’s Rants, please let me know by posting a comment here. Watch your language, though, or you’ll be filtered and I won’t see it!

Of course, if you have problems accessing this post then we’re screwed.

Note to WordPress bloggers – I do know about the stats re-working for people who can’t calculate their own time zone from the UTC time WP normally uses, but this is different. I’m losing hits from my stats and they’re staying lost (contrary to what WP says – that my data is safe), so I’m trying to establish whether readers are having problems. Something is FUBAR!


Apologies to all those having trouble accessing my blog over the last few hours – WordPress have had some difficulties, which are being fixed but, as I type this, are still rumbling on.