The War on Apathy…

I reblogged this post What is wrong with all of you: because it echoes what I’ve been writing myself over the past couple of years, and was immediately taken to task (even though I didn’t write it), by someone who is a full-time carer and stuck at home.

But here’s the thing – it’s not aimed at them, or at me, as I am stuck at home too, through illness. It’s aimed at people who are capable of organising, or participating in, protests, but don’t.

As for me, Continue reading

Possibly Related Links keeps coming back…

There’s something very odd going on.

There’s a feature called Possibly Related Links, on WordPress, by which links with, frequently, staggeringly tenuous relationships to yours (or, in my case, links back to other posts by me, which is just incestuous), are tacked on to the bottom of blog posts.

I generally keep this turned off, partly because I find Continue reading

On Blogging, part 2

For a dizzy day last year, I made it onto WordPress’s Growing Blogs list, at 68. Didn’t last, and I dropped out again shortly afterwards. For a while, though, I had an ambition to get back there, or even snaffle a blog of the day spot. I didn’t obsess about it, you understand, but it would have been nice. And then I stopped fretting about it and got on with what I do best – writing.

The last few hours, though, I’ve been having another Continue reading

On blogging…

I’ve had to repost this as everything on my home page for the past 2 days has become italicised! Fixed now, though.

What’s in a name? I picked Ron’s Rants as it was the title of my original blog, which was nailed to the back of my website, Ron’s Realm, but is it the right title? There are, oddly, a lot of Ron’s Rants blogs, which I didn’t realise when I picked the name, as the decision was made in haste (long story, it’s on my blog somewhere, I’m pretty sure). So, Ron’s Rants it is and Ron’s Rants it stays even though, really, it’s a misnomer.

My main concern, originally, was running out of things to say – the kiss of death for a blog is to get boring and predictable, or for the blogger to Continue reading