I haz new Spoonie toys…

Among the mixed bag of crapulosity that’s pissing all over my life, losing the use of my right hand is a biggie.

No-one seems to know why with any degree of certainty. My guess is nerve damage from the thick end of 30 years leaning on a crutch, possibly compounded by reduced circulation caused by my calcified and stenotic aortic valve (lots of cramp in hands and feet seem to support this view**), and probably RSI from 20-odd years pounding on a computer keyboard.

**There are two tests which will show how advanced this condition is, one is dangerous (24% risk of stroke, which I’ve already refused), one safe. Guess which one APH insist on!

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The Addison’s Chronicles – Part 11 – Addendum…

I now have one of these:-

clip_image001 A Bodum Stainless Steel Travel Vacuum Mug 

Once filled and locked, this thing is leakproof, which is good as on my bedside table (on wheels), it might be prone to falling over. As it’s going to be full of milk, that’s a bad idea. Filled with chilled milk at bedtime, it will hopefully remain cool enough to prevent it going off overnight, so I can use it to take my early morning meds, at 06.00, which badly need a buffer (the red top can be completely removed or the centre can be unscrewed for a drink-through facility) :-

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