Back to making bread…

2012, for reasons regular readers will know and which I don’t want to belabour any further, was the year I pretty much gave up on the kitchen. Partly because much of what I do there was beyond me, and partly because – well, I don’t really know.

Why, for example, did I completely abandon vegetarian food? I’m not a veggie, haven’t been since about 2001 (ish – it fizzled slowly rather than stopped dead), but I do like vegetarian food occasionally (I’ve just had a bottom-of-the-fridge** veggie soup, and very good it was too, and a lentil stew is coming up either today or tomorrow – probably the latter). I also stopped making bread, and I have absolutely no idea why.

B-o-t-f soup is exactly what it says – soup made with Continue reading

Slightly Scary Soup…

Why scary? Well, not too long ago, most of the veg that went into it would have been binned as too old to use yet, clearly, it wasn’t. Looking back at all the wasted money over the years – that’s the scary bit. And tossing veg just because it’s superficially a bit manky is something of which, I suspect, we’re all guilty at times.

Yet another bottom-of-the-fridge soup recipe:-


Vegetable soup with beans. Continue reading

More bottom of the fridge soup, and random ramblings about food…

It is, I think, time for another venture into the realms of bottom of the fridge soup.

In the vegetable drawer in my fridge, I have carrots (an unopened pack of Sweet Spear from Sainsbury’s, which live up to their name, in addition to being very tasty and keeping very well is sealed in a plastic bag**); 3 leeks; a long, pointed, sweet red pepper; a couple of Echalion shallots; some onion; 3 or 4 King Edward spuds, slightly soft but still useable; and a bag of Rooster potatoes, unopened. There’s also Continue reading