Time to take to a wheelchair…

…not least because it should enhance my quality of life quite considerably.

Finally made what should be a life-enhancing decision yesterday. For years, walking or standing has been excruciatingly painful and, while I did use a wheelchair when I went out for a couple of years in the mid nineties, I never really felt comfortable (and folding chairs do flex in use, and sap energy that should be going to the wheels).

Overall, though, I tended to feel that using a chair was “quitting” in some ill-defined way (probably a guy thing!), and resisted the temptation to take to one permanently. That plus the fact that I simply couldn’t afford a rigid-framed chair (how the hell can a length of bent tube, a few straight pieces, an assortment of brackets, two cushions and a pair of wheels cost upwards of £1,000 – very upwards, in fact the sky seems to be the limit).

This week, however, I found myself tracking down second-hand rigid chairs, because since I developed heart failure, my legs have become horribly swollen, and even more painful – getting up from a chair is pure agony and, frankly, I’ve had enough.

First problem – you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a used rigid chair – or the high prices, even second-hand, in some cases. Anyway, I finally pitched up at the EPC website where they have used rigid chairs from £200.

One of the £200 chairs, a Continue reading