People hate the disabled because Cameron shows it’s OK to do so…

Public hatred of the sick and disabled is the result of almost 2 years of insane rage and hatred from Cameron (and I do mean insane – on the subject of the chronically sick and disabled the guy’s unhinged), featuring a barrage of lies almost from the day after the election.

This, of course, has been compounded – and still is – by Continue reading

A pogrom against the chronically sick and disabled?

I posted a much shorter version of the following as a comment to the article Disability hate crime is our shame in the Guardian a few minutes ago, and it’s already racking up approval, so it’s probably worth saying again here, and though regular readers will be familiar with the themes, many will not be, and I feel it can’t be said too loudly or too often. Because soon, if nothing changes, it will be too late for words.

I took exception to the paragraph that started with Continue reading