Sick and Disabled – is our own Kristallnacht coming?

As a lifelong member of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Community, and a blogger, I’ve watched, and written about at considerable length, this appalling government’s dishonest, bigoted, and hate-filled behaviour since the moment Cameron seized power and instigated this Continue reading

Do I deserve a treat?

I’m trying to decide whether I can justify the expense of treating myself to the new Kindle Paperwhite 3G when I already have the original, non-3G, version (Plus a K3** and a Fire HD).

**Which Amazon, despite it’s official tag being Kindle 3 on release, now call Kindle Keyboard – I prefer K3.

It all depends on how much hospitals are going to feature in my future – and it could be rather a lot. It depends on how successful treatment is for my lymphoedema, in the main but, also, as I get older (if Continue reading

Ed – losing in 2015 is not an option. Think on…

It seems inconceivable that the Tories, with or without the LibDems, could even get elected dog-catcher in 2015, and yet look at the newspapers online and it’s all too clear that getting them back is perfectly possible, especially if Ed fails to unite the Left (I think he might have spent too long, now, playing the ToryLite game – I hope I’m wrong), and the vote is frittered away among the minor parties.

A left-wing vote for the Greens really is Continue reading

David Cameron – fit to hold office?

Ivan Cameron is the reason why the chronically sick and disabled are the subject of a persecution campaign, waged against the chronically sick and disabled by his father that, given the high number of deaths – almost 11,000 and rising – is a eugenicist pogrom in all but name.

From David Cameron’s pervertedly warped perspective, we are “prospering” on state “handouts” while his son lies dead. We must, therefore, be punished, and Continue reading

Be very careful with your vote in 2015…

I’m seeing a lot of advice, online, suggesting that people should vote for the Green Party, UKIP (wtf?), or pretty much any of the smaller parties, rather than Labour or Conservative. Or LibDems for that matter.

To do that would bring down upon us a disaster of truly epic proportions.

Why? Simple, Tory voters are loyal to the party even if they loathe its leader (in the 70s and 80s I knew many Tory’s who despised Thatcher but would never have contemplated voting for another party), and if potential Labour voters scatter their votes among a flotilla of smaller parties and independents, then you can be absolutely certain of Continue reading

Another £10bn welfare budget cut. Could this be how?

Since the cuts currently in the system will reduce many people to penury, just where is that dishonest fuck Osborne going to find another £10 billion to strip out of the benefits system?

Short of having disabled people put down – a solution which no doubt appeals to his boss, whose obsession with and hatred of the disabled is positively insane  – I can see only one possibility. As well as ESA making it almost impossible for a disabled person to get into the support group – if you’re terminally ill you can work to you snuff it, stop whinging! – I suspect that the entire system – or perhaps DLA/PIP – will be closed to new applicants.

Further, if Cameron Continue reading

The future of the chronically sick and disabled after 2015…

It’s my feeling, especially if Cameron gets a majority at the next election in 2015 – and there’s a good chance he will unless things change dramatically (an effective leader of the opposition might help) – that there is a very strong likelihood of the sick and disabled being stripped of their benefits and housed in workhouses and camps, fed, clothed, medicated, but that’s all. And even that much might be marginal, if some genius decides our drugs cost too much.

Why? Because, Continue reading

Unlimited workfare for the sick and disabled – Cameron’s Pogrom…

The Guardian stands accused, today, of cheerleading the Coalition’s unhinged activities. OK, the guy is clearly a troll, but so far over 1,300 people agree with him. How can so many get it so wrong?

Before the general election, the Guardian backed Clegg, not knowing – just like everybody else – what a power-mad, unprincipled, bastard he’d turn out to be after the election. And also not knowing that LimpDem MPs had not a single functioning gonad between them. Or even Continue reading