Beware of generic Candesartan… A Chronicles of the Heart supplement.

Candesartan Cilextil is prescribed specifically for heart failure and hypertension. I’d been taking a generic version of this drug for about a year when, suddenly, a fortnight ago, my local pharmacy switched brands. And I found myself having to double the dose to get even close to the effect of the previous brand.

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Chronicles of the Heart addendum – running out of Candesartan…

If you’re taking Candesartan, aka Amias (and can tolerate the side effects!), I have a word of advice – do not ever run out.

On Tuesday night, putting my meds together for Wednesday morning, I realised – though I will swear til hell freezes I should have had a sheet left, and the date on the box confirms that (I think I need to look to my security) – I had no Candesartan tabs.

So, just after 4 o’clock on Wednesday morning, I faxed an urgent repeat scrip  request to my GP, so it would be there, waiting, as soon as they opened up and would, I hoped, be delivered later in the day.

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