Tofu & Chickpea Casserole, with Harissa, Deglet Nour Dates, Sour and Sweet Cherries, Romano Peppers, and Black Olives…

This is a veggie version of this lamb recipe which is excellent. I made it just before my recent reversion to vegetarianism, and I still have a few portions left in the freezer. Trust me, veggie or not, they won’t be wasted.

Despite my aversion to tofu in the past – I find the natural texture repellent – I’m impressed with this. It has a slightly chewy texture, the flabby slipperiness that so revolts me is entirely absent.



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“…and a light stew of chickpeas and roasted peppers and a chilli kick.”

“…and a light stew of chickpeas and roasted peppers and a chilli kick.”

I read that line in a Jay Rayner restaurant review last week and, I thought, I can do that.

OK, it may require a little creativity, but hell, at the risk of being immodest, I can do that too.

Mind you, I was, last week, accused of being immodest “about everything” when I happened to say that, when it comes to writing, I don’t do false modesty, which is true. I know exactly how good I am; I know my weaknesses as well.

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