The death of the Welfare State…

What bothers me, right now, is the degree to which unreality has taken over the WRB debate. There are those who, no matter how many House of Lords amendments Cameron reverses in the Commons, simply cannot see the writing on the wall, but cleave to the view that we are still going to win.

Well, some of us can see the writing on the wall, and it’s not good news. We – the chronically sick and disabled – are in remarkably deep shit. It’s possible Cameron might cave on some relatively minor point, just to make it look as if he cares, but as it’s just not in his nature to do so, and as he doesn’t have to, don’t bank on that.

The hard fact is Continue reading

For the sick and disabled, the lies continue…

“Almost 900,000 people spent a decade or more “on the sick” at a cost of £4.2 billion a year to the taxpayer, the Government has said.

Employment Minister Chris Grayling described the figures as “outrageous” and promised action to get people off benefits and back into work.”

So says the Press Association report in this morning’s Guardian, going on to say:- Continue reading

Credit checks on benefit claimants – what’s the point?

By the way, Chris Grayling (DWP minister), is planning to use credit rating agencies to check up on benefit claimants. Experian have already rushed to volunteer.

Really, though, what will it tell them that would be damaging to us?

Take me, for example. After 24 years on disability benefits, I turned 65 last year. I used part of my lump sum pension payment  to buy big-ticket household items – a Continue reading