Ingredients for my Christmas Venison Casserole-cum-Pie Filling…

My reasons for writing this recipe in potentia are two-fold – as an aide-memoire, converting it to a finished recipe as I cook it and, also, as an incentive to get out in the kitchen and get on with it – which would be easier if I felt better. I’ve finally got my increased dose of morphine – it’s not enough! If the pain is any indicator, the circulation in my right leg is shutting down – I need to ask the nurses if they can find a way to check that without making matters worse.

Anyway, whenever it happens, this will be frozen in portions so it can be used as either pie filling or casserole, depending on how well I’m feeling on the day.

There will be:-

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Game Pie 2014…

Last year I made a load of game pie filling – it was staggeringly good. I froze it in individual foil dishes, my intention being to top each one, in due course, with a Stilton and suet crust. However, as some of you might recall, I wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders last year, and a lapse of attention caused me to fail to close the freezer properly – with predictable results. I got to eat just one portion (served in a ring of cheesy mash), the rest went in the bin along with everything else that had been thawed and refrozen several times before I realised my error.

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Christmas Game Pie Update…

Simply, it was amazingly good – savoury, fruity, rich – the perfect festive meal, with the added bonus of not having to eat turkey until New Year!

I was, as so often of late, ill on Christmas Day, so instead of a suet crust I served the filling in a ring of mashed potato containing the same flavourings I would have put in the crust – Stilton, parsley, and a little onion powder, the latter quite definitely not turning the taste into cheese and onion!

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Game pies for Christmas and beyond…

Sorry, there’s quite a lot of work involved, so it’s not really a spoonie-friendly recipe – it’s a 6-spooner – get someone else to do it! Even though I spread it over several days, it still wiped me out.


At this time of year, as I don’t celebrate Christmas, I like to stretch my culinary boundaries by creating a new recipe entirely off the top of my head, something, fortuitously, I have a knack for. That’s the only way I can explain it – I know, in advance, how the ingredients I propose to combine are going to taste, and I’m usually right. Not always, but too often for it just to be chance. I can’t tell you how I know this, it’s not something I learned, or was taught – it’s innate, and a knack is the best way I can describe it. Whatever the mechanism involved, I’m very happy to have it.

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Christmas – the Final Foodie Plan. . .

I said, previously, that I’d make a Game Cobbler for Christmas but, as my health is still dismal (though slowly improving), I think I need to go for something a little different which, as well as providing a seasonal treat, will feed me for longer.

The basic principle remains the same, but what I’ll make is perhaps half a dozen individual game pies, most destined  for the freezer, with the hope that the crisp and fluffy suet crust (crisp on top, fluffy beneath where it kisses the gravy), will survive freezing.

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Christmas Plans. . .

For those of you wondering where the hell I’ve got to, I’ve been in hospital again, which many of you will already know.

I’m pretty much back where I was between this time last year and March of this year, which is to say unable to eat, yet persistently vomiting – well, futilely retching, anyway (actually, last nights’ “meal” of a wedge of rather nice Wensleydale plus a thinly-sliced, gently-pickled, baby beetroot, somewhat surprisingly stayed put).  The difference being that, this time, I know what’s going on so hopefully I won’t get close to starving myself to death like I did last time.

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