Claiming DLA and ESA – some tips…

Read me first. It’s important.

March 3 2010 Just thought I’d share this with you

I’m hearing tales of peoples’ dismal experience with DLA claims, so I thought I’d offer some advice based on my own experience. I’ve also thrown ESA into the mix, as some things are applicable no matter what the benefit.

The first thing I’d say is that, beyond asking for a claim pack, stay off the phone. You don’t need to do even that much, Continue reading

Employment & Support Allowance Information

You will find a selection of ESA-related downloadable PDF files on this website . Some are for healthcare professionals, and benefits advisors, and yet others are for patients.

My advice – download the whole shooting match (on each Continue reading

Claim DLA without ESA or IB…

Turned down for ESA, can I get DLA?

The two benefits aren’t linked, so yes, you can apply for DLA by all means (unless they’ve moved the goal-posts and I haven’t noticed – DLA is for help with mobility and care; it’s purely a disability benefit, nothing to do with your ability to work, as ESA is), so if you qualify you should get it no matter what. Getting it awarded is something else altogether! Find the link to the downloadable DLA form on this page.

When the time comes to reapply for ESA, you’ll find some advice on filling in the old IB50 for here. Although it doesn’t apply directly to the ESA form, the advice is still sound in general.