Hey, BoJo – mind the reality gap . . .

I have always resisted the idea that Boris Johnson is stupid, no matter how hard he works to give that impression. He is, I believe, an intelligent and politically very dangerous man. And then he goes and says something incredibly stupid, like this, about Nick Clegg:-

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Proposed carrier-bag charge from 2015.

Does Cleggy, the Plastic Bag Tsar-elect, ever think any policy, through to its conclusion? I’ve no objection to the proposed 5p per bag surcharge/tax on carrier-bags as, even when I was able to, I didn’t use them, but even for a coalition effort, staggeringly little thought seems to have gone into it.

These days, though, I shop exclusively online (I’m housebound), and my groceries are delivered in carrier bags, for which there are sound reasons, not least the speed with which the produce can be transferred from the delivery guy’s possession to mine,  enabling him to be on his way again quickly. Thus deliveries further down the line from me aren’t delayed, and I get to re-use the plastic bags for refuse disposal.

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The doom of the sick and disabled…

Some of you will have read this on Twitter – I felt it wouldn’t hurt for it to become a blog post too, not least because I have a considerably wider audience now than I did then.

I wrote the following on September 13 2010 – the first time I linked Coalition plans for the sick and disabled  with those of the Nazis for the Jews in mid-thirties Germany – though by no means the last – and felt that the future is likely to contain workhouses, along with more misery, poverty, and death than I could get my head around at the time.

The only thing to change is that Osborne has faded, and Cameron stands revealed as the real villain, aided and abetted by IDS and his Lie Factory.

Frankly, though, it beggars belief that the sheer inertia of the population of this country means that it’s as true now as it was when it was written. Nothing has got better.

Indeed, the attitude of the public has hardened against us considerably, fuelled by the constant flow of lies from IDS, Miller, Cameron, and pretty much every other bugger in government, and I fear my prediction of an EDS-style anti-disability movement cannot now be far from becoming reality. Those as yet unaffected seem not to grasp that, at any moment, it might be their turn to become too ill, or disabled to work. What then, you smug, self-righteous pricks?

Let’s hope I’m wrong. I bet Cassandra thought that, too…


September 13, 2010:-

Who will control George Osborne?

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Liberal Democrats, the Welfare bill, and Reality…

Everybody was hopping up and down with glee last night over the Lib Dem conference resolution that Lib Dems in government should oppose the 12-month time limit on ESA. This is being hailed as a success for the disabled community.

They also voted in favour of people appealing against Work Capability Assessments being be eligible for legal aid, from which the government wants to exclude them.

They voted for the work capability assessments to be made “less stressful”.

And, finally, they voted for a review of Atos’ performance in carrying out medical assessments.

None of which I would argue with, but I would question their ability to actually achieve any of it.

Then, this morning, the Guardian’s online front page trumpets “Nick Clegg signals combative approach to coalition describing Continue reading

Clegg, Cameron, and the NHS. (Lansley? Lansley who?)

A few months ago, Cameron was, officially, at least, aghast, and said he had no idea what Lansley was up to. Now he’s happily stabbing Lansley in the back (not that I feel, for one moment, sorry for Lansley), apparently to appease the slime-ball Clegg and his Lib Dems.

It is, of course, simply a mixture of smoke and mirrors, and the purest, distilled bullshit.

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Where, now, is the UK headed?

This from the Observer, today:-

“… the Observer has learned that defence firms are working closely with UK armed forces and contemplating a “militarisation” strategy to counter the threat of civil disorder.

The trade group representing the military and security industry says firms are in negotiation with senior officers over possible orders for armoured vehicles, body scanners and better surveillance equipment.

The move coincides with government-backed attempts to Continue reading

Who will control George Osborne?

It’s become quite clear, over the weekend, that George Osborne has been planning his purge of the chronically sick and disabled since before his emergency budget and, quite possibly, long before that, because I find it hard to believe that such obvious hatred of one of the most vulnerable groups of people in the country sprang fully-formed from a standing start at the May elections. It does, I suspect, go very much deeper than that.

I’d love to know what’s happened in Osborne’s life, or Continue reading

Power to the people? No thanks…

Cameron, apparently, is attempting to woo Nick Clegg with an offer of an electoral reform referendum. I have a serious problem with that.

If you went into the city centre, and bumped off, say, 20 people at random, the average IQ of the country would probably go up, the reason being – and I know this is going to sound elitist, but what the hell – that the average person is not especially bright. More so when taken out of their comfort zone and asked to consider something which is alien to them (i.e., not football-related).

The situation is, in a less extreme form (for now), not too dissimilar Continue reading