Ascaso l-1 Coffee Grinder

A burr grinder with 54mm flat burrs. Heavy, cast-aluminium body, powder-coated in a variety of colours – mine’s matt black.

First impression – broken. Damaged in transit, the top cover rear locating lug was broken off. Vendor Another Coffee replaced the cover immediately, which threw up another glitch – intact, the new cover didn’t actually fit, so I put the broken one back and called it done.

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Prevent oxidation by storing coffee beans in CO2…

I originally wrote this in June 2010 and, frankly, it was a mess – full of typos and half-developed ideas. How I ever let it slip by me I really have no idea. Was I ill at the time? Did I, as I strongly suspect, already have Addison’s? I don’t know, but I do know it badly needed re-writing, which I’ve done, below, and hidden the original so as not to confuse Google. Changed the title too.


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Store coffee beans in CO2 to prevent oxidation – conclusion.

Well, I now have my MOSA keyboard blower, or Power Cleaner, to give it its proper name.

First impressions are good, and it seems to be well made and robust. The trigger enables fine control, so gas can be released very slowly if you wish, obviating the need for me to cobble up a device to slow it down.

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Weighing beans for espresso…

The best coffee, without a doubt, comes from freshly-ground beans and, to avoid waste, you really need a scale capable of weighing small quantities accurately.

I have a scale that weighs to 1g, which is ideal for what I use it for – breadmaking – but I fancied something small that could be kept alongside my grinder and take up minimal space.

Having scoured Google for over an hour, the only place with suitable scales at sensible prices, was a head shop. I had a good look around anyway and, almost spoilt for choice, I settled on Continue reading