On giving books for Christmas…

The BookRiot website offers advice on buying books for the readers in your life. I have good idea – don’t do it.

If, as suggested, you analyse what these people like to read (and good luck with my collection!), there is a very good chance you’ll wind up buying a book they already have. Hell, I’ve just bought myself a book that I already have** but, having several thousand of the things (not counting the hundreds in my various Kindles), I guess I can forgive myself for forgetting one, but it does illustrate the high probability of buying an already-owned book.

**Elizabeth David’s An omelette and a glass of wine.

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Cookery books – should they lead you by the hand?

There’s been a quite intense debate going on at the Guardian, today, about whether cookery book recipes can, or even should, hold the reader by the hand and guide them through the minutiae of the process, which people increasing complain that they are not doing (on page 5 of the comments, the two from LePendu** are mine – the first gave birth to this post).

**Because I used to spend so much time hanging around CiF, in the days when there was intelligent debate, not rabid trolls.

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