Food paranoia – feel free to ignore it…

The Guardian is bitching and whining – dear god, are they ever!** – about how unhealthy cheese can be, and why we should seek out healthier versions. Well, here’s a thought – no, we bloody shouldn’t! Because no normal person eats enough cheese to be at risk, and even if they did Continue reading

Chronically sick and disabled? It’s now, more than ever, time to fight back…

(Previously published June 2011 and more relevant than ever now.)

Great Britain is diminished by its leaders, and we have to take a stand against the tide of prejudice and bigotry that is set to overwhelm us.

And this, among many other reasons, is why – Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson’s horrendous account of  abuse in the Daily Mail Continue reading

The campaign of hatred and lies about the sick and disabled started here…

If you wonder who originated the current campaign of lies, disinformation and hatred aimed at the chronically sick and disabled community, look no further than David Freud** (aka Lord Freud now he’s a defected from Labour and become a Tory), an extremely wealthy former City banker (banker – well, that’s almost right…), who claimed in an interview with the Telegraph, in February 2008, that IB medical assessments Continue reading

No job? No social housing for you, pal…

Twitter is home to a fair-sized population of stupid buggers, and this probably deserves a Most Cretinous Tweet of the Day So Far Award:-

A rule that only families with someone IN WORK could get a council home would send a much more constructive signal.

Seriously? And to whom? And since families with nobody working can’t possibly afford private sector housing, what are they supposed to do? No doubt such a policy would bring joy to the Daily Mail tendency but, out here in the real world. with real people, it would be positively criminal to implement such a policy at a time when unemployment is rising.

I’ve been in that position – both my wife and eye were unable to work due to disability/illness – and had my wife not had a substantial, retired-on-health-grounds, pension we certainly would not have been able to afford our private-sector flat.

And as I know only too well, it is all too easy to become a family where no-one is working, and through no fault of one’s own, and to penalise people further by denying them a roof over their heads is obscene, though  I suppose this dumb bastard would have had us living in a tent or, perhaps, a double-wide cardboard box.

The crux of the matter is that families – and this could just be a couple, not necessarily a couple with six kids – are the ones who actually need social housing, not always the ones in work who can, perhaps, afford the private sector.

I’d really love to know what sort of “constructive signal” the message that you’ll be homeless if at least one of you doesn’t have a job is supposed to send.

Looks pretty fucking negative and elitist to me.

Asthma inhalers and prostate cancer – don’t panic…

If you have asthma, and use inhalers, the Daily Mail screams at you that “Asthma inhalers increase the risk of prostate cancer,” claiming that inhalers jack up your risk by 25%.

Then, for added entertainment value, there’s the idiot woman, in the article’s comments, who claims fish-oil will fix your asthma, instead of inhalers, or the equally crackpot guy who claims Continue reading

The Daily Mail hates the BBC – again…

The Daily Mail is really getting its bloomers in a twist over the BBC’s coverage of election night, which I didn’t see but by all accounts it was pretty naff – they hired a luxury cruiser moored on the Thames, invited loads of  Z-list celebs to pontificate, and pushed out the, erm, boat on the booze and food front.

I do think the Continue reading

Vitamins, if properly stored, will not deteriorate…

True to its habit of publishing complete bollocks, the Daily Mail, a few days ago, said:-

Vitamin pills are useless within a week of opening, going on to claim that the high levels of humidity in kitchens and bathrooms make them simply dissolve even if the containers are tightly closed. (My italics)

Which is Continue reading

Slap on the wrist for “Lyrical Terrorist”…

A former employee who worked airside (i.e. past security), at W. H. Smith, Heathrow Airport, 23-year-old Samina Malik, was yesterday convicted of terrorism-related offences and sentenced to 9 months jail -suspended for 18 months.

She had written a substantial amount of egregious “poetry”, which can only be described as inflammatory. Consider this example, with the charmless title How to Behead:-

“It’s not as messy or as hard as some may think

It’s all about the flow of the wrist …

You’ll feel the knife hit the wind and food pipe

But Don’t Stop/ Continue with all your might.”

She apparently wrote this crap, and lots more like it, and adopted the name “the Lyrical Terrorist” because it was “cool” and in order to attract men. I can well imagine the sort of men this would attract – NSOH, own Kalashnikov optional, a supply of Semtex preferred but fertiliser and diesel considered!

She wasn’t only a terrible poet, she was also found to be in possession of highly suspect, terrorist-related material – like the Al Qaeda Manual, the Terrorist’s Handbook, the Mujahideen Poisons Handbook, instructions in the use of a Dragunov sniper rifle, other firearms and an RPG, plus a guide entitled How To Win Hand-to-Hand Fighting. And this woman claims to be a poor, misunderstood fantasist – unhinged proto-terrorist might be a better description, especially as she apparently has a habit of visiting or contributing to terrorist websites, including that of jailed seditious cleric Abu Hamza.

Her lawyer defended her by saying that anyone could download the stuff she did, which is true. The important thing, though, is that she was moved to do so, whereas the vast majority of people wouldn’t even know where to look or what to look for. How on earth do you access and download this stuff without actively – and assiduously – seeking it out?

She wrote, on the back of a till receipt “The desire within me increases every day to go for martyrdom.” Dr. Abdul Bari, of the Muslim Council of Britain has described this, and her terrorist-inciting poetry as “silly thoughts” but what if she’d eventually made fantasy a reality, by walking into the crowded Heathrow terminal armed with a handbag full of C4 explosives and scrap iron, and blown herself and who knows how many innocent people to bloody rags. What then, Dr. Bari?

In the current climate of fear and suspicion, given that no-one knows if she may be moved to translate her lethal day-dreams into reality (and seriously, is all this the behaviour of someone with both oars in the water?), how is a suspended sentence appropriate, rather than a substantial and exemplary jail sentence? If she’d been male, scowling and bearded but with all else the same, there is little doubt in my mind that she’d be looking at a narrow strip of sky through a barred window today. I, and, I suspect, many other people, really cannot understand why she isn’t. One can only wait, and hope that her fantasies remain just that.

Coverage in the British media of this event is bizarrely liberal and somewhat sparse (The Guardian, for example, has little to say that provides either information or insight, but one of the best, if somewhat strident articles is here in the Daily Mail, a paper I normally have no time for at all.