David Cameron adds food to the list of subjects he knows nothing about…

About horsemeat in food, David Cameron says on Twitter that “this is completely unacceptable – this isn’t about food safety but about proper food labeling & confidence in retailers.”

No, you witless bugger, it’s sod all to do with labelling and everything to do with food safety, and if you knew anything at all about food you’d know that. Trouble is the closest you come to horsemeat is being a horse’s arse on a regular basis.

The fact is, on the Continue reading

The entirely spurious martyrdom of Stuart Rodger…

A note before continuing: I have nothing but a deep and abiding hatred for Cameron and his merry band of sharp-suited Nazi fuckwits, as this blog frequently attests – before some numbskull accuses me of being pro-government.


The headline “Stuart Rodger sentenced 100 hours community service for shouting at David Cameron” is causing the Internet and Twitterverse  to get its knickers in a twist, the claim being that “shouting at Cameron” is now a crime.

But is it? Well, actually, Continue reading

Democracy? What democracy?

There’s a move afoot on Twitter to get people to email their MPs, demanding a no-confidence vote against the government.

Fact is, though, such votes don’t work like that, they’re normally issue-based, not simply “This House believes that Dave and Co. are a shower of shit, and should go, RT – sorry – vote Yes if you agree!”.

Emailing MPs like that assumes that we live in a democracy, and that MPs care about us** and will take notice. We don’t. We never have. The people have their say once every 5 years (and it takes more than that to make a democracy), barring anything untoward, at Continue reading

Can Rebekah Brooks get a fair trial – and would it matter?

Don’t be silly, there’s not a hope in hell of the woman getting a fair trial, after the adverse publicity of the past year or so. It would, though, if it takes place, have the power to wreak political havoc, which is why a trial matters, fair or not.

My personal view, not least given the quite obvious nonsense of the compressed Blackberry email having no content (give me a break**), is that there is a case to answer (that was, of course, just an example, not the entire case, obviously: that’s been detailed in the news media, but it’s late, and I’m too tired to go dig it out).

**If you missed it, Continue reading

The Parliament Acts – last resort of the unspeakable…

The Parliament Acts have been used just 4 times since 1911 (via Wikipedia):-

  1. War Crimes Act 1991, which extended jurisdiction of UK courts to acts committed on behalf of Nazi Germany during the Second World War (the only time that the Parliament Acts have been used by a Conservative government). Continue reading

So is Cameron’s problem simply that he’s a snob? I don’t think so…

There is an article, The curse of Cameron dating back to the middle of last year, discussing Cameron’s execrable behaviour and concluding that his problem is that he’s a snob.  It’s doing the rounds of Twitter right now.

Sorry, I’m not buying that for one moment. Well, of course,  he is a snob, but he’s also an Continue reading

Is David Cameron actually sane?

Given his rabid hatred of chronically sick and disabled people, I have questioned, many times, whether Cameron is actually sane on the subject.

I believe, as I’ve said, that he’s using his late son as a benchmark against which our degree of disability is judged, and found wanting, or he hates us for still being alive. Or both. Probably both.

Now, though, he really has slipped his clutch, losing all contact with reality.

In Monday night’s Telegraph (hat tip to @langtry_girl), he says Continue reading