Wrong Brother Syndrome…

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I thought at the time of his election, that Labour got the Wrong Brother – and they did. Had it not been for the union vote, they’d have got the right one.

Six and a bit months on, and Ed Miliband is the invisible man on a scale not seen since the days of Ted Heath. Whatever he might be doing with Labour behind the scenes, as leader of the opposition he’s totally Continue reading

The Labour party time machine…

… taking us straight back to 1987.

Well, for all those of us hoping that this weekend would result in a buoyant and effective Labour party emerging from the drabness of the Brown years to form a dynamic (and possibly, if enough LimpDems defected, effective), opposition, we’ve been royally shafted.

We simply cannot – and I say this as a lifelong Labour supporter and trade union activist – have a party leader Continue reading