Guardian hacks have no sense of history…

Oh, wonderful – the Guardian’s managed to annoy me again. They’ve developed a habit, of late, of employing young baby hacks to pontificate about things they clearly know about only from their own very limited experience, and, apparently, don’t believe in researching a subject. Nor do they seem to comprehend that many things existed long before they became aware of them.

A few weeks ago they had Continue reading


Falling journalistic standards at the Guardian – again (or still)…

It might be my birthday, but that’s no reason why I should abandon my attempts to hold the Guardian to a higher standard of written English than it currently manages to achieve.

Consider this from Mars Curiosity rover discovers rock similar to those found on Earth:-

“The rock was chemically more alike to an unusual type of rock found on oceanic islands such as Hawaii and St Helena…”

No, it wasn’t. Continue reading

Divisive, ageist, rhetoric in the Guardian…

On June 25, in an article about under-25s losing Housing Benefit, we had dismal hack Ed Howker taking a swipe at the over-65s, bitching that “Young people will be forced in with mum and dad while wealthy pensioners keep their freedom passes.”

For a start, I know a lot of pensioners – hell, I am one – and I know very few who could be considered wealthy. I do know that Continue reading

The dumbing-down of the Guardian…

According to the Guardian,  “The taxpayer is sitting on a profit of close to £10bn on its stakes in Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group after a surprise surge in their share prices.”

Well, no, we’re bloody well not. The taxpayer will see bugger all of that money. The exchequer will reap the benefits, if any, not the taxpayer. As always.

In theory, taxes might Continue reading