More dodging the issue from Amazon…

Hello Ron,

Thank you for contacting

Please accept our sincere apologies for all the inconveniences caused.

I’ve checked the item – ‘Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 Continue reading

Amazon try to evade their responsibility…

I got this torrent of largely incomprehensible drivel in response to my complaint  (see last post), that Amazon lied to me. They also failed to tell me that the item I;d ordered wasn’t available in the UK. Continue reading

Amazon buggeration . . .

I spend a hell of a lot of money, over the course of a year, with Amazon, and every so often they manage to piss me off enormously. This is one of those times.

Yesterday I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 7” as, among other things, I’m finding my Kindle Fire HD and my iPad 3 too heavy, especially the latter, and I need something lighter (I have a Continue reading