DLA – a judicial review?

The Disability Alliance is launching legal action to obtain a judicial review of the government’s policy on DLA. And not before time – I’ve been saying that some group with the wherewithal to do so should do so, and not just for DLA but for ESA too. See article here, on the BBC website (hat tip to Dawn Willis’ Inspiring Folks Daily).

And I sincerely hope it Continue reading

DLA, PIP, and, once again, the purging of the Chronically Sick and Disabled…

Yep, once again – because this is a problem that isn’t going to go away and will only get worse while this government remains in power.

Disagreeable Weasel has an excellent post about the PIP Draft Assessment Criteria document here. This is my response (also posted there, in a shorter form, in the comments, though as I write it’s still awaiting moderation).

And if anyone is wondering why I’ve been so quite on the subject, it’s simply because I have had my own problems lately – in spades!

The reason the PIP consultation doc is so, well, let’s be honest, shite, is that it’s based on ESA, and we all know how successful that’s been.

ESA is Continue reading

“Chronically sick and disabled” is not the same as “disabled”…

MP Jeremy Corbyn has tabled an Early Day Motion, which puts forward the idea that what disabled people need to enable them to work is loads of support, not the current threats and coercion.

Now I’m not functioning too well today – hard to see/concentrate, even harder to breathe, but it seems to me that Mr. Corbyn is missing a rather important point, which is that many chronically sick and disabled people (a rather more complex condition** than just “disabled”), are unable to work at all, not even for themselves, no matter what. I include myself in their number.

**Being disabled through illness, as I am, is a world away from being disabled through, say, Continue reading

Further persecution of the sick and disabled…

. . . which, really, seems to be unending, with every week seeming to introduce some new element.

This time, if you make an honest mistake on your benefit claim form, the DWP will fine you £50, according to the Telegraph.

The fine is described as a “civil penalty” but hang on a minute – doesn’t a civil penalty need to be imposed by a court, not by Continue reading

The sick and disabled need the public’s support…

It was said to me, a few minutes ago, that “There has to be a point where overwhelming public disapproval counts,” when it comes to countering Cameron’s war of attrition against the sick and disabled. This (slightly expanded for clarity), is my reply:-

You’d think so, but legally/constitutionally, no.

Public demonstrations of anger/disapproval may influence MPs to act (in Continue reading

Disabled? Please – have the decency to die quietly, and soon.

If you are getting DLA or thinking of applying for it, you really do need to read this article. Now.

It appears that the bunch of mendacious, unprincipled, scumbags masquerading as a government (never forget that these bastards where NOT elected), have decided that Continue reading

Robbing Peter to pay Paul never works…

The coalition’s anti-poverty czar, Frank Field (a Labour MP), has suggested that “Child benefit and child tax credits would be frozen and the money switched to improving the life chances of disadvantaged children before they start school, under plans being considered by the Government.” According to the Independent.

Since the function of child benefit and tax credits is Continue reading

Housing Benefit – how badly are we being misled?

According to David Cameron, in the Guardian, social unrest would have been likely if Housing Benefit payments had not been slashed, he said, yesterday, after claims that his cuts would lead to an influx of poor families from inner cities to hard-pressed suburbs.

It turns out he wasn’t fearing social unrest from all those forced to move (and how do those on benefits pay for that – how do they even travel to look for a new home?**), because of the cuts in housing benefit, but Continue reading

JSA changes, the sick and disabled get caught up…

Proof, if proof were needed, that Iain Duncan Smith is a witless as he is hairless come in this headline in the Observer “Unemployed told: do four weeks of unpaid work or lose your benefits.” It’s worth reading that article, and the more brain-dead comments that follow it (except mine, of course!)

This is the most moronic idea I’ve ever heard and, almost inevitably, it’s a US import, demonstrating that the coalition is as bankrupt of ideas as it is morally bankrupt.

What sort of work is this Continue reading