Cynicism is alive and well in the supported housing sector.

I’ve lived in a supported flat for 14 years (the lower age limit is waived in the case of disability), in a building that went up in the late seventies or early eighties. The flats come with a very basic fridge and electric cooker (not free – the costs go on the service charge), now pretty much getting to the end of their lives.

Anyway, we all got a letter from the housing association yesterday, which said Continue reading

Credit checks on benefit claimants – what’s the point?

By the way, Chris Grayling (DWP minister), is planning to use credit rating agencies to check up on benefit claimants. Experian have already rushed to volunteer.

Really, though, what will it tell them that would be damaging to us?

Take me, for example. After 24 years on disability benefits, I turned 65 last year. I used part of my lump sum pension payment  to buy big-ticket household items – a Continue reading

Sick and disabled? No place for you in Cameron’s Britain.

In the Guardian’s CiF, this morning, an idiot calling him/herself Burgau205, claimed that there were no poor people in this country, or a working class, and also claimed that “People who blow their benefits on booze and fags do not deserve to have any benefits especially if they are fit enough to work.”. Ignoring the “fit enough for work” bit, what this fruitcake is saying is that if you are on benefit, you should be denied the normal pleasures of life (OK, smokers should be shot, but bear with me).

This was my response. By the way, almost everyone who responded spelled the name wrong, including me. Ah well… And it was CiF, so apologies if Continue reading

Soldier with false leg walks 400 yards, loses DLA. Fair?

Well, yes, I think so.

Today, the Daily Mail is reporting, with its usual “our brave lads” bias, the story of Private Aron Shelton, who lost a leg in Afghanistan, when his Land Rover was blown up. He was awarded DLA but, after admitting to being able to walk 400 yards with his prosthetic leg, he lost it.

If you can walk almost a quarter of a mile, even if one leg is prosthetic, you Continue reading

The chronically sick and disabled are screwed, as expected…

In the Guardian’s mostly uncritical (the paper is being vilified online for its pro-coalition stance), review of the Queen’s Speech, Randeep Ramesh has this to say about the “Welfare Reform Bill

It “…is designed to better incentivise people to return to work. More than 5 million people currently on benefits will be encouraged to take up jobs, by making clear the gains they stand to make by doing so.”

I have no idea who this guy is, but this interpretation Continue reading

Competing for benefits?

Ah – here’s a doozy from my search engine slush pile “how to win COPD disability benefits”.

Is it simply a poor choice of words, when a simple “get” will do? I don’t know, so, let’s take it at face value.

First of all, it’s not a competition – you don’t win benefits though, admittedly Continue reading

Investigating disability benefit “fraud”…

According to the Guardian, the “unaffordable universal benefits system”  (Universal? Have these buggers tried to claim ESA, or even DLA recently?), will be a priority for the coalition government. And as I’ve mentioned before, the Tories look upon disability no more favourably than Labour. No idea about Clegg, but he’s so ideologically close to Cameron, I see no hope there.

Some years ago, though, the DWP demonstrated Continue reading

DLA and ESA…

Another DLA slush pile question – “will I lose DLA if I fail my ESA  medical?”.

In any sane universe, no – DLA is payable whether you are capable of work or not (it’s based on disability and the need for assistance with getting around, not on ability to work), therefore failing the ESA medical should not have the slightest effect on it.

Having said that, however Continue reading

ESA & Atos – the BBC investigates…

“Seriously ill patients told to work”

A BBC investigation has heard claims of seriously ill patients being told they are fit enough to work and denied benefit payments.

Two former doctors for the private healthcare company Atos, which carries out the medical assessments have expressed concerns that the checks are being done too quickly and that the system is biased towards declaring people fit for work.

So begins Continue reading