The underclass of Britain in the 21st century? The fat and the disabled, of course…

I first wrote this on February 22, 2009. Based on the article in today’s Telegraph, and the moronic comments, it bears repeating.

Although I don’t plan to rewrite much of what follows to take account of it, it’s worth mentioning that I’m no longer fat – terminal illness has slimmed me down nicely. No doubt the Torygraph’s editor, and his gutless scribbler who churns out such toxic crap, anonymously, will find that news cheering.

So, this, mostly (with some minor tweaks), is what I wrote in 2009, and it’s still relevant now:- Continue reading


Chronically sick and disabled? It’s now, more than ever, time to fight back…

(Previously published June 2011 and more relevant than ever now.)

Great Britain is diminished by its leaders, and we have to take a stand against the tide of prejudice and bigotry that is set to overwhelm us.

And this, among many other reasons, is why – Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson’s horrendous account of  abuse in the Daily Mail Continue reading

Reduce the cost of disability – end pointless reassessments…

Someone on Twitter asks, when PiP is introduced, will the blind be left alone and not repeatedly reassessed. However, it affects very many more people than those who are registered blind.

These days amputees are routinely reassessed, presumably in case limbs have magically grown back, as is pretty much anybody with an incurable and progressive illness, including Continue reading

DLA – a judicial review?

The Disability Alliance is launching legal action to obtain a judicial review of the government’s policy on DLA. And not before time – I’ve been saying that some group with the wherewithal to do so should do so, and not just for DLA but for ESA too. See article here, on the BBC website (hat tip to Dawn Willis’ Inspiring Folks Daily).

And I sincerely hope it Continue reading

Chronically sick and disabled? It’s time to fight back…

Great Britain is diminished by its leaders, and we have to take a stand against the tide of prejudice and bigotry that is set to overwhelm us.

And in case you’ve been living in a cave, this is why. It’s because of those apologies for human beings, Cameron, Clegg, Osborne, IDS, Grayling, and anyone else you’d like to tack on the end – disseminating their catalogue of lies, disinformation and malice about sick and disabled people, seemingly without any end in sight. Every week sees these fuckers slopping out a new bucket of shite over a population all-too-willing to swallow their bile and venom.

If we were Continue reading

Disabled people – we have to stand up for our rights – so stop explaining!

This from the Guardian Mark Mayer, 38, from Dorking, Surrey, who has cerebral palsy, said: “It’s upsetting when complete strangers feel they can question me. At a supermarket the other day I was getting out of my car and a woman accosted me, demanding to know what my disability was. She said I didn’t look disabled and couldn’t see my blue badge. I showed it to her and she still demanded to know what was wrong with me, and I had to show her my walking sticks. The nonsense that everyone on disability benefits is a scrounger is adding to this sort of thing.”

Sorry, NO! Absolutely not! You do not pander to these asswipes by explaining – you grow a pair and tell them to fuck of! In spades!

If you’re Continue reading

Discriminating against the disabled in the supported housing sector, Part 2

Back in February, I wrote “Discriminating against the disabled in the supported housing sector…” in which I described the attempt by Riverside ECHG Housing Association to force its disabled tenants to insure their mobility scooters (insurance for which there is currently no legal requirement), as property was being damaged by scooters. I disputed this at length, pointing out that it was blatant discrimination, as many other people could, and do, cause damage, as I’ll show you Continue reading

Say no to AV and doom the country…

Do you believe that voting No to AV will strike a blow against Nick Clegg? You’re a cretin.

Do you believe that voting Yes to AV will favour the BNP? You’re a cretin.

Do you believe that AV means that your MP might turn out to have been  the third choice? (Actually seen that one on Continue reading