Britain – a country stolen by a liar…

“The test of a good strong society is how we look after most vulnerable, most frail and the poorest,” David Cameron, April 2010.


“We can’t go on like this – I’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS,” Notorious pre-election poster, 2010.

Cameron lies

Compare and contrast those two statements with the subsequent reality. Over 11,000 sick and disabled people dead as a result of his government’s punitive policies, thousands more forced into virtual slavery, and potentially over a Continue reading

Atos – are they really entirely to blame?

It’s become “traditional” to blame Atos for the shortcomings of the ESA WCA and, to a degree, that’s fair enough. Let’s never lose sight, though, of the fact that ESA was structured to funnel disabled people onto JSA, with a minimum moving through to support, and that Atos are doing exactly what they’re being paid for. It was never intended otherwise – it’s a government-engineered cull as people transfer from IB to ESA, just as the transfer from DLA to PIP will be.

Placing the blame entirely on Atos is like blaming Continue reading