Ultimate remedy for medication-induced constipation…

This might gross-out some of those of a squeamish disposition but, unfortunately, for far too many of us, it’s a fact of life that we can well do without.

Finally, I’ve found a remedy for medication-induced constipation that doesn’t include taking more drugs, or spending too much time making high-fibre muffins (my previous solution, which got old very quickly).

It’s really very simple – I Continue reading

Cheese and Onion high-fibre muffins…

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about high-fibre muffins as a counter to drug-induced constipation, and very successful they were too. The only problem was that they were extremely friable, and there’d be crumbs everywhere.

So, I set out to find a way around that problem, and the answer arrived on my TV screen in the form of M&S mini cheese and onion muffins – I reasoned that as melted cheese is glutinous, when they cooled it would bind the muffins nicely.

I’ve reduced the oat bran, as they were Continue reading

Countering drug-induced constipation – linseeds update…

In my previous post I mentioned the problems of taking crushed linseeds, with water, to counter the constipation caused by opioid analgesics and enforced inactivity. As there was also a risk, given my respiratory problems, of at some point inhaling these, I needed to find a alternative delivery system. I have. (NB: Some people add them to food whole, but that does nothing for me.)

Today, as an experiment, I mixed 40g of Smash (any other instant mash mix will do just as well), with Continue reading

Countering drug-induced constipation…

I realise that for many people this is a distasteful subject. If that’s you, then spare a thought for those of us for whom this problem is purgatorial!


As regular readers may be aware, a side effect of my array of chronic illnesses is drug-induced constipation, the worst offenders being opioid analgesics, though others contribute to the problem, as does enforced inactivity.

The only solution to that problem, for many years, all else having failed,  has been beer, in sizeable quantities – a gallon or so is needed to break the log-jam, so to speak. Needless to say, that’s not doing me any good, especially as, now my heart is so comprehensively screwed, the sheer volume of fluid is a health hazard, causing Continue reading