E-petition rejected for blatantly dishonest reasons…

Yesterday I submitted an e-petition request which said:-

We call upon the government to compel Atos Healthcare to replace its current tick-box disability assessment system with one in which disabled claimants are properly assessed by qualified doctors as, indeed, was the case before Atos were appointed. The current system is demonstrably unfair and arbitrary.

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E-petitions – use them effectively…

Government e-petitions are, I strongly suspect, mainly giving a voice to rabid right-wingers and cretinous Daily Mail/Torygraph readers – almost a quarter of a million voting in favour of stripping convicted London rioters of their benefits being a classic example (and why only London?). Just how, exactly, will that do anything but render people homeless and/or drive more people into a life of crime? Many far more worthy causes are being promoted via a wide range of “unofficial” petitions, and I’m at a loss to know exactly what this will accomplish.

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