The new treatment for my leg is going well…

The new treatment for my leg is going well…

I know some of the following has already been said, but not everyone reads every post so some repetition is necessary for clarity.

As you can see from the following pics, my use of wet dressings over the weekend (Aquacel Ag plus sterile normal saline solution, as recommended in the PIL), is having a beneficial effect on my lesions. The first pic is last Monday’s, the other is from this morning, after Continue reading

Leg update – looking good . . .

My big problem, with the nurses coming only twice a week now, is that the dressings weld themselves to the lesions so tightly that, when they are removed, the healing process is massively disrupted. Even soaking in warm water isn’t a total solution (no pun intended).

However, when I bought my own supply of Aquacel Ag dressings, I finally got Continue reading