Ashamed at the privatisation of the NHS? Why the hell should we be?

We can be a lot of things – angry, fearful, frustrated, pessimistic, even happy, for the dyed-in-the-wool Tories who think this is somehow a good thing. But ashamed? No way in hell.

There’s a blog post here which starts with the writer telling us he’s just turned 64, and going on to end with the assertion that we should all be ashamed at what has been done to the NHS. Seriously? Jesus wept!

I recently (well, OK, last October), turned 67 –  big deal – and I take very great exception to the idea that we should all be ashamed. It was not done by me, or for me, or on my behalf, nor did I want it – wherein lies my shame?

I, along with many others, devoted hours to Continue reading

Britain 2012 – a Nazi-Soviet hybrid?

It appears that, as Cameron and his merry band of nutters happily embrace the ethos of Nazi Germany, Ken Clarke is busy reinventing Soviet Russia Continue reading