To bed – perchance to sleep…

And if anyone’s wondering why I’m writing so much about my problems  these days (current problem too much pain, not enough sleep), well they do rather dominate my life right now, and my solutions, if I find any, might benefit others. So there!


Tonight, for the first time  in 4 weeks, I’m planning to sleep in my bed. Hopefully (reasonably), free of pain!

The big problem is the memory of empyema, which refuses to go away.. Never have I experienced such extreme pain** which, coupled with a minimal ability to breathe, was terrifying. And so is the fear that it might happen again. Some people say you can’t Continue reading

Hell is Arrowe Park Hospital…

Some of what follows looks like melodrama – I can assure you that it is not.

The perceptive among you will have seen that I’ve been in hospital recently. Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral or, to give it its full, ticked-all-the-boxes name, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Shame we don’t have a Wirral University, but there you go…

It all started in the early hours of Thursday, 20th, when I woke up feeling as if I’d been shot in the left-hand, back ribs. Fuzzily, I put it down to a sudden cramp from sleeping awkwardly, but by morning I was in agonising pain in my left lung, which appeared to have almost no capacity at all. I was breathing very fast and very shallow – faster, in fact, than my heart was beating, just to get enough air to remain conscious, and that was touch and go.

I got up, fired up my PC and faxed the GP surgery, detailing what was wrong and pointing out that I was faxing because I couldn’t speak. So what did they do? The clueless bastards phoned me back to say I should call an ambulance! Er, hello! Can’t speak – why didn’t you fucking do it?

Anyway, I managed to phone – one word = one breath – and Continue reading

Ron’s Rants – the future?

Well, dear Constant Reader, normal service isn’t being resumed as soon as I’d like, I’m simply too ill and, not to mince words, trying very hard not to die. And no, I don’t do hyperbole, sadly.

As some of you know, I have pneumonia – so much for that bloody vaccine! – and pleural empyema. Basically, my left lung is – or was, it’s improving now – a huge abscess (for those familiar with the condition, don’t get picky, that’s a good enough description for those who aren’t).  In addition Continue reading