Patients to be badgered into exercising by GPs…

NICE is apparently going to force GPs to press their patients to undertake physical activity. That will not be well received by this spoonie.

When I was well (i.e., prior to 1986, my last good year**), every holiday was spent backpacking (a sport which has nothing in common with gap-year oiks), as were many weekends, and when I wasn’t doing that I was out every available  Sunday with the Ramblers. I also, more often than not, walked to work and back – I covered almost Continue reading

Preserve me from the numpties at NICE!

Source: Pulse.


NICE is insisting that its plan to get GPs to get patients with high blood pressure to exercise more are workable (and will apparently be imposed next year), despite the fact that the General Practitioners Committee of the BMA has denounced the plan as unworkable.

NICE’s intention is that GPs will demonstrate to hypertensive patients that exercise to drive up their heart rate will be beneficial, which is quite absurd. I know from experience that exercise drives up my blood pressure to highly dangerous levels. Ditto heart rate. Such a generalisation, by NICE, is simply stupid.

That there are some patients who will Continue reading