The FIA is dishonest…

So the FIA World Motorsport Council has imposed no penalty whatsoever – in real terms – on Renault. Frankly, that sucks.

McLaren were seriously screwed by the FIA over the behaviour of staffers and ex staffers, even though the company wasn’t responsible for the actions of any of them, any more than Renault were. So, how come Continue reading

Renault Race Fixing…

We all know by now that Renault have effectively entered a plea of nolo contendere regarding the upcoming “trial” over their race-fixing in Singapore last year. They’re apparently hoping that, by shedding Briatore and Symonds, they’ll be treated more leniently by the FIA. But should they be?

I don’t believe they should. Just as McLaren were held Continue reading

F1 shock-horror…

This disgraceful state of affairs just can’t be allowed to continue.

Lewis Hamilton places third in the Singapore Grand Prix. Ferrari, however, were nowhere, having screwed up Massa’s pit-stop, and seen Raikkonen crash out and, you know, nobody at Ferrari/FIA Inc., has found any way at all to penalise McLaren and/or Hamilton for those events.

That’s absolutely deplorable, and it really can’t be allowed to happen again.