On March 1, Google starts harvesting users’ data…

This isn’t a secret, even Google have advertised the fact – but a surprising number of people seem unaware of it. See http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/feb/24/pass-notes-browsing

Based on what I’ve read, it’s next to impossible to prevent Google collecting data in this way.

First of all, if you have a Google account, as I do, and also use Google+ and G-mail, then it’s pretty damn hard to escape their clutches.

If you just have a Google account – and many people do without using G-mail or G+ having found, like me, that neither were what they wanted – simply Continue reading

Firefox 3 sucks…

Go to this page for a fix for the bookmark problem.

Please note that Firefox is now up to v3.5.2, and the problems here and on other posts relating v3.x are now largely irrelevant except for those who have failed up upgrade.

Note – Support for FF2 ends officially in December, though it looks like it may have happened already – see here.

Update: The computer press, online, is banging on about 8 million downloads being a record (if there’s a record for downloading unusable crap, Mozilla will win hands down), and there’s a mention of an apparently huge security vulnerability, but not a word about the fact that it simply doesn’t bloody work! What’s going on? If Microsoft had released an abortion like this there’d be uproar, so why do Mozilla seem to be getting a free ride?


Firefox 3 is a colossal fuck-up and should never have been released.

Having upgraded from v 2, one massive flaw was that the Organise Bookmarks settings, no matter what you do, have no effect on the Bookmarks sidebar, which remains in its default state – chaotic (despite the fact that it was in a-z order before the upgrade).

The little down arrow in the address bar (I don’t know what it’s called – I’m not that geeky), presented me with what appeared to be a random selection of Bookmarks, instead of the half-dozen frequently-used URLs that normally live there. I deleted them – and got a fresh and equally random selection – this, it seems, will continue ad infinitum if allowed to.

There may well be worse faults – and judging from what I’ve read on Mozilla’s website, and elsewhere online, there are a great many – but that was enough for me, and I binned it.

I’ve been happily using Firefox for a couple of years, and right now I’m back with v2.0.0.14, which is where I’ll stay until they produce a new version that actually works. Version 3 isn’t it.

Check out this page, too.