Adding protein, not carbs, to  my standard soup…

Getting ample protein in a veggie diet isn’t hard – just a matter of ensuring that your diet includes both grains and pulses, the amino acid content of which complement each other (details in this post).

For me, though, that’s a not a great idea, as carbs, in both grains and pulses, don’t just make me drowsy, they render me unconscious (a doctor who knows why would be extremely useful), but, right now, I need to bump up my food’s  protein content as my right leg has started leaking again. Actually, what it’s currently leaking is blood, copiously, but I suspect it’s only a matter of time before my protein-heavy and corrosive  lymphatic fluid makes another bid for freedom. If I then have a repeat of last year, I’ll be making a bid for oblivion – I won’t go through that again.

Obviously, then, I needed an ingredient that would add Continue reading

Creative cooking, on the fly…

Yesterday evening, hungry but, as is happening increasingly of late, with no desire to eat, I decided to do what I most love to do –  of the things I can still do –  and that’s create a new recipe on the fly, from what I can find more or less within arm’s reach.

This came about because I’d planned to have a couple of Continue reading

I appear to be in trouble – again…

As many of you know, I recently spent 6 weeks in hospital, having come very close to starving to death. Now, almost 4 months since my admission to hospital, I appear to be in danger of vanishing down the same rabbit hole.

The big difference this time, of course, is that I know it’s happening, and why.

Last time it sneaked up on me – I got too ill to cook, then too apathetic to eat ready meals (and sick of them, frankly), followed by the crisis-provoking period when it all snowballed and I was eating next to nothing, and what I did eat nauseated me and had to be forced down. Throughout, since Christmas, I was vomiting so much the puke bowl was a constant companion.

It also took its toll mentally (so I’m told – I Continue reading

Random ramblings about food…

Not really random – there is a structure here, honestly – but I was stuck for a title.

I don’t make resolutions at this time of year, not least because it’s futile, but also because I never have. However, what I do need to do is cook more.

My ability to cook – not my cooking ability, which is excellent (sorry, don’t do false modesty) – is severely circumscribed by two things – my ability to stand, and the degree of pain. Sometimes both at once. This is why, when I can cook, I tend to cook for the freezer – the pain to food ratio is better.

The last thing I did was cook a hunk of silverside in the slow cooker,  with onions, carrots, and a handful of dried veggies, plus some dried thyme and basil, and a couple of beef stock cubes – Oxo is fine, as the volume of liquid mutes its characteristic taste which, personally, I don’t mind. The cooked meat was sliced and portioned, and the stock strained, beefed up – sorry – with a little Bovril. thickened with Continue reading