All my COPD and flu posts in one place…

Here are links to what I think are the most important of my COPD and pandemic flu posts, in one place. You can access a lot more by typing COPD into the search box (top right).

The post about the pneumonia vaccine isn’t COPD-specific, but since many people with COPD will be offered the viral pneumonia vaccine, it’s worth including because, as you’ll see from the Continue reading

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing…

When it comes to the pandemic, it might also be fatal.

It seems there are some old farts, judging by some of today’s papers, who had Asian flu in 1957 and believe they’re immune to the current outbreak. No, you dozy buggers, you’re not. This is an entirely new mutation, and no-one has any specific immunity to it. Many of us, who are getting on a bit, will have met the main component, human Type A, H1N1, before, but it also has fragments of the swine and avian flu variants, making it an unknown quantity.

However, I think Continue reading

COPD and the Flu Pandemic…

Based on the information available and on my past experience of flu with COPD, if the pandemic does materialise (and it seems inevitable), the risks seem little worse than ordinary flu. No-one outside Mexico has so far died (and the deaths there are curious – men in their thirties, mostly, rather than the vulnerable groups, like the old and the young).

Speaking personally, even ordinary flu, in the right circumstances, can Continue reading