Warning: Your food may contain mysterious, random, crap…

I’m constantly intrigued, and frequently baffled, by disclaimers on food packaging, warning that they “may contain” unexpected ingredients (let’s just skate over the fact that what they really mean is “might contain” – I know may and might are frequently treated as interchangeable, but they are not, as any dictionary will demonstrate).

For example, many foods which might reasonably be expected never to have come within Continue reading

When biscuits attack…

I have been made extremely ill by Sainsbury’s Digestive Biscuits.

I have just spent 5 days feeling dreadful, with acute gastric pain. It was somewhat amenable to antacids, though I thought I had food poisoning, as I also felt nauseous. In a nutshell, I felt as if I had a massive hangover, though I hadn’t been drinking.

I had, though, eaten nothing that could have caused food poisoning.

I looked at everything I’d eaten over than period, which wasn’t very much, and the only thing that wasn’t normal in my diet was Continue reading