The fat of the land…

This morning, shopping at Sainsbury’s, I wanted a gammon joint to roast. Partly because I wanted roast gammon, partly because I wanted that thick layer of fat, to render down for lard.

I got such a joint a few weeks a few weeks ago, with a gloriously thick layer of fat (meat without fat is unutterably dull), but I boiled it. Today, the store was heavily stocked with gammon joints – and some bastard had trimmed almost all the fat off every bloody one of them.

These dietary Nazis really piss me off. Yes, too much fat is Continue reading

Heather Mills’ vegan restaurant, and other stuff…

The Observer has an excellent, if rather, erm, eccentric, in parts, article about Heather Mills and her new vegan restaurant enterprise – along with much else. You can read the full article here and, entirely without comment, I offer you this snippet:-

“The truth always outs in the end … no one gets away with those things. Certain journalists have written horrible things, and then they’ve got Continue reading