Environmental Cobblers…

No, not people who make ethical footwear, but the rhubarb pumped out by people trying to convince us to mend our ways and save the planet. Here’s a tip, guys, be a little more credible.

A radio news item this morning announced that condoms are better for the planet than wind turbines. Well, maybe – they omitted to say just how – but I’ll bet they don’t generate as much electricity.

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Carbon footprint – unrealistic expectations…

The Guardian has a calculator to work out your personal carbon footprint. I don’t use public transport, so that figure represents taxis. My CF is 9 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, which is pretty good, but bear in mind I don’t get out much*. And according to the chart, the average spend per person for hotels, pubs and restaurants is a pathetic £7. That seems completely unrealistic – I just don’t believe it – we’re being asked to believe that the vast majority of the population NEVER has a drink or a meal outside their own home. If that’s true, they must be dull buggers.

*I often get lifts to places like the supermarket, but as the driver is going there anyway, I haven’t factored that in.

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