The corruption of the BBC…

Nobody with even the minimum number of functioning brain cells could have missed the fact that, over the past 4 years, the BBC has become the Coalition Broadcasting Corporation.

Now I’ve always believed that the BBC’s Royal Charter required that it be politically neutral, as befits an organisation funded by the people it serves. That, however, seems not to be the case.

I downloaded a copy of the Charter

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Campaigning bloggers – want a louder voice?

Bloggers campaigning against the cuts, WRB, and Workfare, and let’s not forget the NHS are, for the most part, being drowned out by the government’s propaganda machine, the output of which is circulated by the right-wing press and even the BBC (though the Workfare tide appears to be turning, if slowly, and the dishonesty behind the NHS screw-up has been rumbled).

Plus, to a large extent, we’re preaching to the converted.

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