Democracy? What democracy?

There’s a move afoot on Twitter to get people to email their MPs, demanding a no-confidence vote against the government.

Fact is, though, such votes don’t work like that, they’re normally issue-based, not simply “This House believes that Dave and Co. are a shower of shit, and should go, RT – sorry – vote Yes if you agree!”.

Emailing MPs like that assumes that we live in a democracy, and that MPs care about us** and will take notice. We don’t. We never have. The people have their say once every 5 years (and it takes more than that to make a democracy), barring anything untoward, at Continue reading

Shoot the organ-grinder, not the Atos monkey…

The BBC News website, in its article about the death of Cecilia Burns, who, seriously ill with breast cancer, has died after being adjudged fit for work, doesn’t allow comments, which is a pity when it makes witless statements like this, staright out of the IDS playbook:-

The government is seeking to reassess all 2.6 million people on incapacity benefit – and its successor employment support allowance (ESA) – by 2014 in an effort to encourage more people back to work and to cut the welfare bill.

Which, based on all the evidence available, is Continue reading